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10 Luxurious Gift Ideas That Are Actually Cheap

Gift Ideas That Feels Expensive But Are Affordable

We all want to give people expensive and cool gifts to the people we love. But we cannot always spend a fortune on gifts. Luckily you don’t need to do so for giving luxurious gifts to people. There are many things that feel or look more luxurious than their costs. And those items make awesome gifts by being both impressive and affordable.

Here we gathered 10 luxurious gift ideas that you can actually get cheap. You can choose the most fitting gifts down below for your loved ones.

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Sequin Pillow Cover

Sequin pillow covers awesome for creating a unique characteristic in any room. They are also fun to play with as their appearance changes when you run your hand across their surface. They certainly look more blingy and expensive than they are, such as the ones from Play Tailor. Which makes them perfect gift ideas.

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Beautiful Earrings

A piece of jewelry is often an obvious option when it comes to choosing a gift for ladies. While you may consider getting an expensive piece too, you can also get a luxurious-looking elegant piece. For example, the SWEETV Teardrop earrings certainly look more expensive than they actually are. The lady that you will gift these earrings will love them for sure.

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Non-Melting Whiskey Cooling Stones

Some drinks should be only consumed cold. But most above-average regular drinkers, such as whiskey lovers, hate it when the ice in their drink melts and changes the taste. Whiskey stones offer a solution for this. As an affordable gift, they provide a huge difference in drinking luxury. Our favorite whiskey stones are from Amerigo as they are perfectly shaped and even have a pouch.

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Tequila Mockingbird Kit

Speaking of luxurious drinks, we can also consider a gift for some who like cocktails like tequila or gin. When it comes to choosing a gift for such people, there is a particular gift idea that we like. Tim Federle’s bestselling cocktail recipe books offer a fun approach to learning how to make cocktails. The Tequila Mockingbird kit has two recipe books with a mini shaker for experimenting. Surely, it is a cool and luxurious gift for people with a particular taste.

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Roller Massager Ball

We all get stressed and suffer from back pain sometimes. One good way to deal with these pains is to use a massage tool. So, massager usually good gift ideas. But when they are as luxurious as the model we picked, it is even better. The large massage ball from Zongs works really well and looks quite nice.

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Jade Beauty Tools

For anyone who takes good care of their skin, beauty tools for massaging in or scraping the beauty products they use are essential. While there are many cheap tools on the market, they are hardly worth giving as gifts. One unique luxurious alternative would be getting someone special beauty tools that are made out of jade stone. These tools not only work better, but they also feel much more expensive in the hand compared to their cost.

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Neck Warmer Faux Fur Scarf

A plushy scarf can make some both look richer and stay warmer during the winter. If you know someone who likes such a style and often gets cold, you may get them a fur scarf as a luxurious and useful gift idea. But of course, real fur is both too expensive and unethical for many people. So a faux fur scarf is a much better idea. We like the design of Vogueearth’s rabbit Fur looking faux fur scarf quite much. It is also quite affordable.

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