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8 Gift Ideas For Travel Lovers

People who love to travel will love these gift ideas

Some people love having adventures through traveling. They may enjoy traveling more than anything else. Apparently, there is even a term for such people, Hodophile. This characteristic gives us a chance to get such people gifts which they will love. If you know a travel lover too, you can use this opportunity to make them happier with your gifts.

Here, we gathered 8 gift ideas that are especially perfect for travel lovers. You can pick any of these gifts below to get the hodophile in your life.

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Leather Passport Cover

People who travel abroad frequently can get their passports old quite fast. As a small paper booklet passports are prone to a lot of damage during travels and border checkpoints. But you can help the traveler person in your life avoid this problem. A strong leather passport cover makes a perfect gift idea for travel lovers. For example, we like the quality of GDTK covers. They come in various nice colors and textures.

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Multiuse Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Traveling long distances can be hard on the body. Your neck, your back, your legs get sore during long flights or bus rides. You probably know about the cheap travel pillows that people for these problems. But those pillows have limited use and benefits. Instead, if you get a travel lover a high-quality travel pillow, it would be an awesome gift idea. The Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow from Dot&Dot is such a pillow. Thanks to its long bendable design, this pillow can be used for supporting the neck, legs, lumbar area, and even can be used in beds during lodging.

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Water resistant Travel Organizer For Electronics

During long travels, most people carry cameras, cables, chargers, memory cards, flash sticks, and batteries with them. When left loose in a backpack or luggage these things can not only spread around and make a mess, but they can get tangled, dirty, or damaged. Especially as travelers often get wet under the rain, this kind of electronics item can get water damage as well. So, a water-resistant item Travel Organizer is a perfect gift idea for any travel lover, such as the one from BUBM.

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Anti-Theft Water-Resistant Travel Computer Backpack

Speaking of water damage and rain-soaking backpacks, another vital item of any travel lover is their trusty backpacks. For many backpackers, it is like their portable house during travels. Travelers carry their most important items, passports, cash, laptops, in their backpacks. This makes it critical to have a sturdy and secure one for them. So, a secure backpack, such as the Anti-Theft Water-Resistant Travel Computer Bag, would be a good gift idea for these people. It comes with a zipper-lock, has padded shoulder straps, is made out of water-resistant materials, and even has a USB port outside for charging a phone while walking by using a battery pack in the bag.

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Portable Foot Hammock for Foot Rest During Flights

One of the most common complaints of travel lovers is to have uncomfortable seats during flights or bus rides. These vehicles rarely come with footrests for seats, especially the economic ones that typically lack such comfort qualities. With a limited movement space, their legs and feet can get swell and sore. Luckily there are products that can help travelers, such as Ohderii Airplane Footrest. This product is a perfect gift idea for travel lovers. It is essentially a footrest you can add to any seat. It is lightweight and easy to put on.

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Mini Luggage Scale

One of the common things that travelers have to deal with regularly is the weight limitations for their luggage. Even when they measured it at home before a vacation, as they do some shopping in a place they visit, people often exceed their weight limits when they are coming back. Dealing with the extra weight at the airport is always annoying. It can be expensive to pay for the extra or trash some items to lower the weight, both are expensive solutions too. A good solution for this is carrying a mini luggage scale during travels, such as the one from Camry. It is a small but super-useful gift idea for travel lovers in your life.

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Tickets Memory Box Frame

As people travel around the world they often collect many mementos from the places they visit. But many people overlooked the many tickets they bought during their travels. These tickets can not only remind us of the places we visit, but also the exact dates, the prices we paid for traveling in those places, and interesting ticket designs from different cultures. Instead of throwing these tickets away, travelers can collect these tickets too. Getting them a special box would be a perfect gift idea for helping them collect their tickets while also displaying them. TicketShadowBox is a specially made frame with a slid on top to put new tickets after each travel.

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