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7 Cool Gift Ideas Under $50

Gift Ideas That Are Cooler Than They Cost

When you are getting gifts for your loved ones, even having your wallet wide open doesn’t automatically help you find cool gift ideas. But perhaps you don’t even need to spend much on such gifts. You can find many affordable gift ideas that will make most people happy on the internet.

To help our readers, we gathered our favorite gift ideas which all are under 50 dollars (at the time that this list was made). All of these gifts will make your loved one much happier than expensive but still lame gifts. Let’s get into these ideas.

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Heat Reacting Constellation Mug

Coffee mugs are a traditional type of affordable gift. You may find them with jokes and cute pictures. Perhaps you have also seen the ones which change color or real an image with the heat of the drink in them. We have found a mug that uses this concept in a genius way. The Heat Changing Constellation Mug from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (nice brand name), uses the heat reaction to reveal the constellations with their names and full drawn representations. It is a seriously cool gift idea for anyone, especially for people who are interested in astronomy.

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Cozy Wool Knit Thick Mittens

During the cold winters, everyone wants their hands to stay warm. Of course, people can get some winter gloves and mitten. But you may help someone with a special kind of mittens. We like the thick knit wool mittens with plushy inside from Whiteleopard. These are so cozy and high quality that they are a perfect gift idea for anyone.

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Ceramic Owl Flower Pots

Flower pots are excellent for making your house or office nicer. But the usual pots are not typically gifting worthy. But there are flower designs that are so cute that they are perfect for gift ideas such as the owl pots from Sun-E. These pots are well made and they come in a set of six.

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Stand alone Karaoke Microphone

Do you know someone who loves doing karaoke? You can gift them the ability to start a karaoke party anywhere they want. There are standalone microphones with a built-in battery, Bluetooth speaker, and These microphones can play songs from smartphones and apply effects on voices. There are many similar models on the market, but our pick is the Q37 from BONAOK. It is well-built and still affordable.

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Smart Reusable Notebook

While a high-quality notebook can always be a good gift for people who needs to take notes regularly in their work-life or studies, we have a gift idea even better. Rocketbook’s smart notebook is a special one. This notebook is reuseable in a way that you can clean its pages completely by wiping them with a wet cloth like a whiteboard. Moreover, by using the Rocketbook app you can scan its pages quickly before wiping them clean and save your notes digitally. It is a perfect gift for regular note-takers.

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Water-proof Bluetooth Speaker

Many people love music and feel uncomfortable in the absence of it. But you cannot carry your expensive music player near a pool or even your shower. Thanks to the new water-proof Bluetooth speakers you don’t need to worry about it. These speakers used to be quite expensive but the water-proof speaker from AYL offers both long battery life and good audio quality at an affordable price. If you know someone who loves listening to music at any time of the day, it is the perfect gift idea.

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