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7 Awesome Gift Ideas For TV Lovers

TV culture gives perfect gift ideas

Finding cool gift ideas may be difficult sometimes. It is not easy to tell what kind of gifts make each person happy. You may not want to give them a sweater you hastily bought last minute too. Luckily, if the person you will buy the gift is a TV lover, the TV culture gives us a lot of opportunities to make them happy with our gifts.

In this article, we gathered 7 awesome gift ideas we loved as TV lovers. If you have a person who is into the TV culture, you can choose one of these gifts and make them happier than you would think.

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Funko POP figurines from their favorite show

Okay, there are too many bobbleheads to choose from when a TV lover buys it for themself. But a TV lover never would say no to a cute figurine of a character from their favorite show.

Our first pick is Dustin from Stranger Things. But who doesn’t want a small Daenerys from Game of Thrones on their shelf too?

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Inspiration Novels of TV Shows

As you may know, most of the top-rated popular TV shows are based on best selling novels. These novels often feature some interesting differences from their TV adaptations. Other than the producer or director changes, some of the details that cannot be presented in a TV show can be described and processed in novels.

So buying such a base material novel as a gift for a fan of its TV adaptation would be an awesome idea. They would love digging into the unseen details and characters from their favorite stories.

For example, George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Novel series would be a perfect gift idea for any fan of the Game of Thrones TV show who didn’t read the novels yet.

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Spin-offs Novels and Novelizations of TV Shows

Another gift idea you may consider similar to the base material novels would be the spin-off novels. These are the novels that inspiration works the opposite way.

Sometimes even the TV shows that were not based on a novel may get novels written based on the show. These novels may rehearse the tv show’s plot with more details and descriptions. But sometimes they tell a new story that extends the show.

Gifting such a novel for a fan of the TV show it was based on, would give them more of the world they loved. Supernatural novels would be a good example of this kind of book.

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Baby Yoda PopSocket For Their Phone

Who doesn’t love baby Yoda? Well, we know he is not Yoda, duh. But it is not the point. All TV lovers adore him and we all have slippery phones. So, what to do? We need to stick a PopSocket on our phones with Baby Yoda on it. If your TV lover friend or family member doesn’t have one yet, you know what to do.

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TV Show Fan T-Shirts

As you can imagine, like every other pop culture context, TV shows have their fair share of fan t-Shirt designs as well. These designs can vary from a direct logo of the show on the chest to a subtle reference that only the fans of the particular show would understand.

You can find t-shirts that have a text on them which reads as a catchphrase of a character who is your loved one’s favorite. Or you may choose a design that references to a repeating joke in the show. For example, a t-shirt that reads “How you doin?” with the font of the logo of Friends would be a perfect gift for the show’s fans.

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TV Show Fan Mugs

The same gift idea of a TV show fan t-shirt can also be applied to coffee mug design. For some people, Fan coffee mugs are even better than the t-shirts since they can use their mugs in more places and more often their informal t-shirts.

Like the t-shirts, these mug designs may reference the show with a joke or image. For example, a coffee mug with a simple logo from a fictional organization from their favorite show can easily become a TV lover’s favorite mug. We know it from our mug with the Dharma logo from Lost.

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