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10 Useful Gift Ideas For Practical People

Our Gift Ideas For Useful Things

For some people, the best gift ideas are not always about meanings or emotions. Practical people appreciate useful items as gifts more than other things. So, if you have someone like this in your life, you may consider giving them gifts that they can actively use and make their lives easier to make them happier.

In this article, we gathered 5 useful gift ideas which practical people would love. You can choose the most fitting idea here for your gift to such a person. Let’s get into these gift ideas.


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Wireless Phone Charger

Thanks to the latest technologies, these days most of us have phones that actually support charging without plugging in a cable. This wireless charging allows you to get your phone charged quickly and ensure it is always full.

Even though most of the new phones have this technology in them, you need a special charger to be able to use this charging method. If you want to get a loved one a useful gift and they have a phone that supports wireless charging, you may consider getting them such a charger. Even if they already have a wireless charger, they can put the one you gifted somewhere else they put their phone down regularly.

One of the leading wireless charger brands in the market is Anker. You can get one of their models at quite an affordable price too.

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker

People who like cold brew coffee would know that going to a coffee shop for their ice coffee can be annoying sometimes. If you know someone like this, you may buy them a cold brew coffee maker so they can brew their ice coffee at home.

While there are many brands for these products, Takeya sells one of the best models on the market, so we can recommend their patented design.

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Passport Covers and Wallets

If you have traveled abroad before, you may know that your passport is too important to be exposed to the abuse they got during a journey. If you know someone who travels frequently, you may help them with this problem with a nice gift idea.

There are not only passport holders and covers but also specially designed wallets that you can put your passport in them. These can help your loved ones to protect their passport very well while also making it look better. They can put some cash and other important documents in these valets with their passport for easy access too. Any practical person would love this gift idea.

Our favorite design is WALNEW’s RFID blocking passport case, which looks awesome while being highly useful.

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Champagne Stopper

You may think that a simple bottle sealer would not be a good gift. However, if the person you will get this gift is a practical person, they will appreciate this gift idea more than you think.

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Champagne Stopper is a special bottle seal made by MiTBA. It allows you to seal the champagne or wine bottles like any other one. But it also has a built-in pump which allows you to increase the pressure in the bottle. So your drink will stay fizzy after opening it.

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Mug Heater Coaster

We all hate when our hot tea or coffee gets cold while we are working or reading. If you are getting a gift for a person who drinks coffee or tea a lot, this is probably a problem that they experience a lot. To help them, you may consider gifting them a mug heater they can use as a coaster on their desks.

These heaters typically work as a mini electric stove and heat up the mug on top of them, enough to keep it warm. We particularly liked Home-X Mug Warmer, as it has a sturdy design and clean look.

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